Swift Activation - CTV

Swift Activation - CTV

Original Postby Michael Folkson

Posted on: December 30, 2023 13:54 UTC

The ongoing conversation touches upon the consistent emergence of new proposals for activating CTV (CheckTemplateVerify), often without substantial proofs of concept (PoCs) or innovative insights, leading to potential risks such as causing a chain split.

The lack of consensus and advanced PoCs on the use cases claimed by CTV is highlighted, with James O'Beirne's OP_VAULT being a rare exception that requires additional opcodes beyond OP_CTV.

In contrast, APO (Anyprevout) appears to have gained an optimal design status and broad consensus within the Lightning community, particularly for enabling eltoo/LN-Symmetry. While APO may offer other benefits through additional use cases, the discussion indicates that thinking of an imminent activation for APO is premature given the need for more work to assure the community of its value against the associated risks. Nevertheless, the feasibility of an APO activation in the 2025/2026 timeframe is considered, pending a year of dedicated work on APO and the resolution of issues arising from the CTV-related chaos.

Michael expresses interest in knowing whether hesitancy towards APO stems from technical concerns or simply from fatigue due to the confusion surrounding CTV. He signs off without the usual formalities and provides his contact details and a link to learn more about Bitcoin: Learn about Bitcoin.