Swift Activation - CTV

Swift Activation - CTV

Original Postby Luke Dashjr

Posted on: December 22, 2023 01:05 UTC

The conversation appears to be centered on a contentious issue within the Bitcoin community regarding a proposed update.

The individual, Luke, is expressing a firm stance against what they perceive as an attack on Bitcoin. According to Luke's perspective, the proposed update does not actually activate CheckTemplateVerify (CTV), which is presumably a feature or protocol that some members of the community are anticipating. Instead, the proposal misleadingly provides miners with the option to activate CTV.

Luke's assertion is that this approach could deceive users into adopting the update, which would have implications for the network. He strongly advises against running this update and suggests that if it gains any momentum, countermeasures should be taken. Specifically, Luke references the development and implementation of a "URSF," which stands for User-Activated Soft Fork. This response would involve creating and enforcing rules that would reject blocks signaling support for the controversial update.

The urgency and assertiveness in Luke's message underscore the significance of the dispute within the developer community and signal potential ramifications for Bitcoin's protocol and governance. It is clear that there is a divide on how to move forward with updates to the network, with significant attention being paid to issues of autonomy and control, particularly in relation to mining activities and the activation of new features like CTV.