Combined summary - Bitcoin Core 26.1 released

Combined summary - Bitcoin Core 26.1 released

The recent updates in the Libre Relay and Bitcoin Core projects bring significant enhancements and new features for their users.

The Libre Relay has introduced two key versions: 26.1, a stable update loaded with fixes and improvements, and 27.0rc1, a release candidate that offers experimental changes for developers and early adopters who wish to explore the cutting edge of technology. These versions are accessible via GitHub, with version 26.1 available at Libre Relay v26.1 and the release candidate for version 27.0 at Libre Relay v27.0rc1. Additionally, Peter Todd's official website Peter Todd's Official Website provides further insights and updates on these releases. For direct inquiries or feedback, communication can be established via email, following a specific format to ensure messages are directed appropriately.

Parallelly, the Bitcoin Core project announced the availability of its version 26.1, which can be downloaded from the Bitcoin Core website or acquired through BitTorrent. This update is notable for its bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated translations aimed at refining user experience. Users upgrading from previous versions are advised to shut down their existing software properly before installing version 26.1 to ensure a smooth transition, especially when migrating from an end-of-life version. This version maintains support for older wallet versions, ensuring a broad compatibility across various operating systems, including Linux kernel-based systems, macOS 11.0 and newer, and Windows 7 and above. Among the highlighted updates are enhancements to wallet functionality, such as improved transaction scanning and keypool management for descriptor wallets, alongside various RPC fixes addressing issues like getrawtransaction segfaults and .cookie file retention problems. Moreover, version 26.1 improves P2P and network operations with adjustments to I2P session creation and block processing protocols. Development-wise, the release focuses on increasing stability and security, incorporating a hardened runtime on macOS builds and addressing specific build options. The continuous integration process also received updates to ensure more efficient operations across different environments. This collaborative effort involved numerous contributors, emphasizing the community-driven approach to developing and enhancing the Bitcoin Core software.

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