Combined summary - ASMap creation process

The initiative to develop a reliable Autonomous System Mapping (ASMap) file for future releases has made considerable progress, primarily utilizing tools such as Kartograf and sipa’s asmap-tool.

These tools are pivotal in gathering and processing the necessary data to create a dependable ASMap file suitable for official use. The project's current data repository is hosted on GitHub, with ongoing discussions about transitioning to an official organization repository to formalize and enhance the development process.

A significant step in this endeavor is the coordinated effort among contributors to initiate the Kartograf mapping process simultaneously. This coordination ensures synchronization through Kartograf's -wait feature, aiming for a consistent result across participants. A consensus threshold of over 50% among five or more contributors is proposed to achieve a uniform outcome. This method allows for multiple attempts to reach agreement, adjusting based on experience and addressing any discrepancies by sharing raw data, fostering transparency and collaborative problem-solving.

Following successful data collection, the next stage involves compressing the data into an asmap.dat file, which then undergoes a review process akin to standard pull requests. This review ensures that the compressed file meets high-quality standards before being merged into the repository. The ultimate goal of making asmap.dat files available to users is to improve node operation with regular updates from the repository. The decision on selecting a default asmap.dat file for official releases will be based on the availability of the most recent and reliable files, highlighting the commitment to enhancing network functionality and security.

Feedback is actively encouraged to refine and optimize this initiative further. Future creation dates will be announced to engage the broader community. Additionally, relevant resources such as Kartograf (Kartograf), sipa’s asmap-tool (asmap-tool), and the current data repository (asmap-data) are essential for those interested in contributing or learning more about the ASMap file development process.

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