delvingbitcoin is Open for Your BIPs

Original Postby JeremyRubin

The Bitcoin community has seen a surge in new Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) that aim to introduce significant changes to the core system.

Among these are suggestions for soft forks and enhancements like OP_TXHASH, OP_CAT, Arithmetic Opcodes, OP_INTERNALKEY, OP_CSFS, V3/Ephemeral Anchors, Cluster Mempool, and others that might not have been acknowledged. To facilitate progress in this area, the website was established. This platform functions under a 501c3 non-profit organization designed to foster protocol research and development. It achieves this by enabling the creation of bug bounty targets that are crucial for testing and refining new concepts in both their code and specification forms. offers donors the flexibility to allocate their funds to specific BIPBounties of their choice or contribute to a general fund aimed at broader Bitcoin-related developments. While the term "BIPBounty" implies a narrow focus, in reality, the scope includes any Bitcoin-related project that could benefit from a bug bounty program. The preference is for the original authors of a BIP or an upgrade to run the bounty campaign; however, if they choose not to, another party may take on this responsibility. Notably, obtaining a BIP number is not a prerequisite for submission, which opens the door for various proposals to be considered and supported through this initiative.