Subscript rendering in graph broken in Safari

Subscript rendering in graph broken in Safari

Posted on: February 27, 2024 12:02 UTC

The email discusses an issue encountered in a live editor, specifically mentioning the appearance of an unexpected output or error as shown in an included image.

The sender expresses uncertainty regarding Graphviz, suggesting it might be related to the problem, but also indicates a lack of familiarity with both the Delving forum and possibly Mermaid, which could be relevant to the situation. This uncertainty prevents the sender from confidently filing a bug report about the issue they've encountered.

There's an implied need for assistance or guidance on how to proceed, either by gaining a better understanding of Graphviz and its potential role in the problem or by learning more about the functionalities or peculiarities of the Delving forum and Mermaid. The mention of these specific tools and platforms suggests that the issue might be technical and specific to the environments where these tools are used.

In essence, the sender is reaching out for help with a technical issue that has been depicted through an image in the email, indicating a problem within a live editor. The lack of familiarity with certain tools and platforms is a significant barrier to resolving the issue independently, highlighting a need for expert advice or intervention.