Basic vault prototype using OP_CAT

Basic vault prototype using OP_CAT

Posted on: February 22, 2024 14:16 UTC

The email discusses the intricacies of using CAT for transaction introspection, highlighting both its advantages and potential complications.

The demonstration provided showcases how CAT can be effectively utilized even in scripts that are not maximized for optimization. However, it also points out that the presence of numerous witness inputs can add complexity to these scripts, making them more challenging to comprehend.

Moreover, the correspondence emphasizes the additional overhead caused by extra opcodes required to concatenate parts that could potentially be pre-concatenated. This aspect is crucial for understanding the efficiency and functionality of the scripts involved. By reducing the number of witness inputs, the scripts could be simplified, thereby making the demo more accessible and easier to analyze for those interested in delving into the details of transaction introspection through the use of CAT.