Scalable & Permissionless Bitcoin CA

Original Postby buffrr

Posted on: February 21, 2024 19:41 UTC

The project being developed, named Spaces, aims to innovate within the Bitcoin ecosystem by creating a scalable and permissionless Bitcoin Certificate Authority with an approximate size of ~250KB.

This initiative is leveraging the capabilities of RISC0 zkVM for constructing a zero-knowledge light client, emphasizing the use of client-side validation to ensure privacy and efficiency. The distinctive feature of Spaces lies in its introduction of "subspaces," which are conceptualized as off-chain entities possessing significant autonomy. These subspaces diverge from traditional models such as zk-rollups due to their reliance on off-chain data management. However, they also differ from validium frameworks because issues related to data availability are not considered primary concerns within this model.

Spaces enables users to maintain their own inclusion proofs, facilitating interactions both on the blockchain and through off-chain mechanisms. The model involves commitments that are posted on-chain, which possess a predefined lifetime. During this period, these commitments allow for transactions to be conducted seamlessly across both domains. The project is currently in the nascent stages of development, and the team behind Spaces is actively seeking feedback from the broader community. They are open to collaboration and encourage interested parties to delve into the technical nuances or consider joining their efforts. For those who wish to explore further or contribute to the project, more information can be found at